About Adept Web Solutions

Adept Web Solutions is a registered business name (RBN) owned by, and trading under, Lion-Oak Services Ltd. Formerly known as Adept Associates, it re-branded in December 2017.

Adept Web Solutions Core Team

The core team of Adept Web Solutions is made up of the partners Patrick Stack and Ana Marques who are also the directors of Lion-Oak Services Ltd which has been in business since 1998. Both have differing but complimentary skills making them a near-perfect match as a team. Both are excellent listeners and communicators with highly developed linguistic skills and all that goes with that: accuracy, meticulousness, attention to detail, ability to think laterally and so on. And both have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Lead developer, Patrick Stack, has excellent analytical skills and is proficient in HTML (versions 3.2, 4.01, xhtml, and HTML5), and CSS, and programmes in PHP, JavaScript, and SQL. He has been running Linux as his preferred Operating System since 2006, and is therefore familiar with the most popular web server environments which all run on one of the many varieties of Linux.

Patrick is also multilingual, speaking Irish, Spanish, French, Portuguese and English, and is currently learning Arabic and Hungarian. Patrick worked as a part-time translator and occasional interpreter when he lived in Spain in the 1990s, which attests to his ability to think laterally. He believes that “anything that is worth doing should be done well or not at all!” Patrick’s motto is “continuous improvement” which he applies to everything he does in life, not least to his work as a web developer, which means acquiring new technologies, skills and languages.

Colour Consultant, Ana Marques, has an unerring ability to spot flaws, and the skills to correct them. Her ability to think holistically compliments Patrick’s analytical skills. She knows a great deal about colour, its psychology, its uses, what colours go together, and the colours to avoid in specific contexts. She is also a linguist and speaks Spanish and Portuguese to native level, English to near-native level, and a number of other languages.

Ana’s knowledge of how the human brain works, acquired through years of research,  which she applies in her occasional work as a learning consultant, is of particular use when building user-friendly websites.

Associates of Adept Web Solutions

No more than any other small company, Adept Web Solutions does not have an endless supply of skills. But what we do have is easy access to associates who do. These include member businesses of the Ennis Business Network, of which Adept Web Solutions is a member, but are not limited to it.

Adept Web Solutions Details

Here are the company details for Adept Web Solutions as required by law:

RBNAdept Web Solutions
Registration No.584326
Company NameLion-Oak Services Ltd.
Registration DetailsRegistered in Ireland No. 283061
Registered OfficeBalleen, Kilmaley, Ennis, Co. Clare.

Patrick Stack