Custom Database Applications

Custom Database Applications are an essential solution to the problem of how to deal efficiently with the collection of data, and its recording and analysis for business, educational or other purposes. In contrast, spreadsheets (using Microsoft Excel, Libreoffice, OpenOffice or other such spreadsheet application) are great for doing such things as tracking simple lists, doing automatic calculations, creating charts and graphs of your data, but are very limited when it comes to dealing with significant quantities of data. Therefore, if you need to keep track of large amounts of information which frequently changes, keep ongoing records, or have more than one person accessing the data at the same time, then a spreadsheet will not do. Nor are spreadsheets good for archiving or searching through records. This is where we come in. We can design and build a custom database application for your specific needs which will provide the following benefits:

  • password protection to only allow authorised persons to access the data
  • enhanced security through one-way encryption of passwords, and two-way encryption of fields holding other sensitive data
  • permissions-based access allowing users view and/or edit data on a need-to-know basis
  • complete control over the database application via a superuser account
  • on-site training on using the database application
  • ongoing support

All our databases are designed to third normal form (3NF) to ensure integrity and avoid unnecessary duplication of the data. Furthermore, all data is validated before being saved to the database to eliminate the threat of data poisoning.

Database Projects

We have deployed custom-built database applications for the following clients: