Went live in March 2015

Database Application for BTEI (Ennis)

BTEI Learner Progression Database Application

The Challenge

BTEI (Back to Work Initiative) Ennis needed a way of recording and tracking the progression of its learners who complete one or more QQI modules and courses it runs from its base in LCETB’s Ennis Campus.
The application was required to include a method of batch uploading records in .csv format to the database.

Due to the sensitivity of the data being recorded, the application needed to be password protected with only authorised staff being given access.


The Solution

The database was designed to third normal form (3NF) using the open-source MySQL on an encrypted PC using dummy data. The Bootstrap Framework was used as a foundation to build the front-end which was password protected. The toolset used included HTML5, CSS, PHP, jQuery, AJAX and SQL.

To satisfy the security requirements, the finished application was installed along with MySQL, PhpMyAdmin (to manage the database), PHP and the Apache web server on a designated PC. Access to the front and back ends on the machine in question is password protected, with no online access possible.

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