Completed March 2017

Database Application for Ennis VTOS

Student Progression Database

The Challenge

Ennis VTOS, as a provider of high-quality full-time education and training programmes to adults, needed a method of tracking the courses completed and awards gained by successful students on a year-by-year basis, in addition to a way of tracking where students went after they left the programme.
A method of bulk importation of data from an existing database was also needed.
Due to the sensitivity of the data involved, the resultant database application would have to be hosted internally, be password protected, and have different levels of access for those authorised to use it depending on their role.

The Solution

We designed and built the database to third normal form (3NF) using the tried-and-trusted MySQL database software. The excellent open-source Bootstrap Framework was used to construct the front-end in HTML5 and CSS3. with jQuery providing inline content editing. PHP-embedded SQL was used to query the database. The application was password-protected, only allowing authorised personnel access.
We wrote custom PHP scripts to enable bulk importation of data in csv format.

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