Web Development

There is quite a lot of confusion in most people’s minds regarding Web Development and Web Design, and the difference between the two. I will explain the difference in plain English below.

Web Design

Web design concerns itself with how a web site looks and feels. The web designer decides what goes where (this is known as the layout), what colours to use (the palette), what the text in the page headings and body looks like (the typography) and so on. This is known in the industry as the front-end because it is what you see in your browser window when you visit a web site. But there is a lot more going on behind the scenes that the visitors to your web site do not see, and seldom, if ever, think about.

Web Development

Web Development also deals with the front-end, but is much more than just designing a nice-looking web site for your business or organisation. In addition to creating a great front-end, the web developer concerns him/herself with everything that goes on behind the scenes. This is known in the industry as the back-end, and includes such things as creating suitable meta tag content for the search engines (Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yandex and so on), set up and configuration of database(s), installation and configuration of additional software (Content Management System, plugins, shopping carts etc.), creation of programming scripts for querying the database, providing extra functionality where needed, and so on.

Web Development Solutions

Our web development solutions ensure you get a clean, great looking web site, that is responsive, i.e works well on all gadgets from mobile phone to tablet to notebook, laptop and desktop.

We use the world-class WordPress CMS (Content Management System) with a high-quality premium theme for all our sites. This enables you, the site owner, to manage the content yourself, or have one of your staff do it for you, if you so wish. No specialist knowledge is required, and we can provide on-site training, if needed.

In the unlikely event that WordPress does not provide a suitable solution for your needs, we use the leading Bootstrap front-end framework with a variety of other technologies to do so.

Web Development Projects